Estancia Buena Esperanza was acquired more than 130 years ago, by the Swords, a family of Scottish origin. It started out with a herd of Hereford cattle and a flock of Romney Marsh sheep, which, as a result of selective breeding and the dedication of those running the company, were able to produce animals of a widely recognized high standard.

Over time, and with following the tendency of cattle breeding being displaced towards migrating to the Northern provinces, a Braford Herd was added. With the purpose of adapting to the current situation, and thanks to the strong vocation of those running the company, the best of this noble breed was achieved without loosing its European origin.

To complement cattle breeding, rice and rain fed Maize, Soya and wheat crops were added, a revitalization which has stimulated Estancia Buena Esperanza’s production equation.

Those who formed part of this history preceeded us, worked with great enthusiasm and with an understanding of care for the environment. Their respect for nature resulted in a succession of achievements that began in 1878.