Buena Esperanza has now been producing rice for more than a decade in the north of Entre Ríos with more than 95,000 tons harvested. From the beginning, as a result of following the need to diversify activities and to take advantage of the natural resources, the objective has been to achieve the highest production in a sustainable manner and in harmony with the environment.

With a pioneering system of outsourcing jobs and personnel, Estancia Buena Esperanza showed the contribuited in opening the way in the north of Entre Rios and now has a consolidated work force with expectations for applied to continued growth

The constant adoption of new technologies, in rice growing, has allowed us to achieve the highest yields in the area and also maintain profitability during adverse climatic years.

This technology, complemented by the specialization in irrigation management and rice cultivation of all our personnel has allowed a consolidation of this crop at the establishment. These technologies, plus the permanent training of our personnel in irrigation management and rice cultivation has allowed for consolidation.

Today, we continue to grow by entering a new business: Buena Esperanza Seeds (BES), with the purpose of providing a leap forward in seed quality both for ourselves as well as for the rice sector as a whole the rice sector and our own sowing. The conceptual basis concept of BES is based stands on three fundamental pillars:

• Genetic purity
• Selection
• Zero tolerance for red rice