Social Responsibility
Estancia Buena Esperanza has as its fundamental principle to live as a in community and integrated with its people and the environment. This is a governing principle is a constant feature which of the company adheres to, attending to social needs such as health, education, security and infrastructure. The following are some of the community acts the company has carried out:

Donations of land and financial contributions to the following institutions:
- National Highway Service: 14 hectares for a camping site on National Route 127
- Agro Technical School “Antonio Galli”, Los Conquistadores: 12 hectares for the school building.
- Provincial Highway Service: 1 hectare at the junction of Provincial Route 2 and National Route 127 for a /road repair campsite
- Water and Energy Supply: 1 hectare at the junction of Provincial Route 2 and National Route 127 for an Electrical Substation.
- Los Conquistadores Health Centre: maintenance of same.
- Senior Citizens Home in Mercedes, Corrientes.
- Wichi Aborigine Community: Care Programs.
- San Vicente Hospital in San Jaime de la Frontera.
- Police Station in Los Conquistadores.
- Argentine British Community.
- Security Forces.

Other donations of a different nature go to the following Provincial and National Educational Institutions:

- Agro Technical School of Los Conquistadores, Entre Ríos.
- Agro Technical School of Mercedes, Corrientes.
- National University of The North East, School of Veterinary Science.